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Your body, your bacteria – you alone have the responsibility.

We help you by combining exclusive and reliable information on microbiology with profound knowledge about health and mindfulness.


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The vaginal microbiome

The vaginal microbiome

In recent years, interest in our microbiome has grown tremendously. Not only science, but also the general public is becoming more and more interested in the effects that the tiniest living organisms have on our well-being.

The outdated detection

The outdated detection

Walking through the supermarket offers access to a wide variety of foods and beverages. Colorful advertising promises maximum enjoyment at unbeatably low prices. But what about safety?

Why My Bacteria?

Good bacteria determine our health and the quality of our life. Together with the body cells and viruses they form a complex and intelligent structure: you! 

100 trillion tiny microbes determine whether you are healthy, how your mood is, whether you go through the day full of energy and how old you become. They are not only in your intestine, but in and on your entire body. There is a constant coming and going. New bacteria join and others leave the community.  

They are a part of you and therefore you can significantly determine which bacteria go through life with you and which do not. You determine whether or notyou live a quality and healthy life as a conspiratorial unit. You have the responsibility.

We support you with all our know-how. We combine our microbiological knowledge with the latest research on health and mindfulness and can thus offer you practical and constantly new and updated information and services. In this way, we help you to achieve maximum quality of life. We believe that you should reach your full potential. Your bacteria give you unique abilities. Use them!

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