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Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Jiri Snaidr is an entrepreneur and microbiologist with over 30 years of experience. After completing his PhD at the Technical University of Munich, Department of Microbiology, he founded vermicon AG in 1997, of which he is still CEO today. vermicon provides microbiology solutions to companies worldwide, focusing mainly on the detection of non-cultivable and unknown microorganisms using VIT® gene probe technology. He has published numerous papers in prestigious journals and is an international speaker on entrepreneurship and applied microbiology topics. Under the GO-Bio funding scheme, Dr. Snaidr was a reviewer at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for many years.

He is an expert on health issues and a devotee of mindfulness meditation. As a student of Master Han Shan, he understands the power and importance of the moment.

Early on, Dr. Snaidr was aware that the public’s image of bacteria is distorted and its true role for man and nature is not sufficiently appreciated. With the foundation of Magnospira GmbH & Co. KG, he combined the topics of “bacteria”, “health” and “mindfulness” to help people achieve better health and quality of life.

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I believe that the importance of bacteria will become more and more important in the future and that people know far too little and then wrong about microorganisms and their influence on our lives. I am convinced that through appropriate new perspectives, a new look at the bacteria, at health and at life, happiness and satisfaction can be promoted among people.

Our team

Magnospira consists of a young and highly motivated team from a wide range of disciplines. They are fiercely determined to extend people’s knowledge of their bacteria so that they can better influence them and thus improve their health.


We want to create new perspectives to promote happiness and satisfaction. We achieve this by educating people about the importance of their bacteria and combining this with information about health and mindfulness.


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