Microbiological topics with a focus on health and quality of life are of explosive topicality, especially nowadays. The latest research on the human microbiome reveals influences on our body and our health that have eclipsed previous findings. Exercise, nutrition and regeneration play a dramatic role in the development and influence of our microbiome.

Microbiology has been on everyone’s lips since at least the early 2020s, when the coronavirus entered the public eye. However, the reporting by the mass media and the portrayal by political bodies is often incomplete and simplistic with errors. This does not have to be the case.

Experience Microbiology. Scientifically correct, honest and without political or ideological coloration.

a href=”https://bacteria.de/en/about-us/”>Dr. Jiri Snaidr is a recognized and international speaker on the topics of microbiology, health and entrepreneurship. His presentation style is lively, convincing, honest, scientifically sound and entertaining.


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