Our health

Our health is defined by a variety of different factors. These include adequate exercise, a balanced diet and comprehensive regeneration. All three factors have a direct impact on our microbiome, which is the bacterial part of our body. And all three factors have to be adjusted to you personally to achieve the best possible effect for you!

The microbiome

The human microbiome plays a major role in determining our health. It is in a constant interaction with the rest of the body. Through the targeted support of the “good” bacteria, the well-being and the quality and duration of life can be increased.


The right amount of exercise is essential for the body. It not only supports the body by increasing muscle size and mobility, but also stimulates the immune system. In addition, it also comes to a strengthening of a balanced and diversified microbiome. But which exercises fit you and bring you the fastest closer to your goal?


Proper nutrition is an essential building block for a healthy body and mind. In addition to the intake of macronutrients, all micronutrients must also be considered in sufficient quantities. But which micronutrients do you need and in which quantity?


High levels of cortisol due to stress massively impair health and undo many efforts in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Without sufficient regeneration during sleep, there is no healthy body. But what forms of regeneration are there and what fits best for you?

Magnospira, as a microbiological and health-oriented company, specializes in providing you with comprehensive and successful advice on precisely these issues.

Procedure of the consultation

We offer various forms of consultation. You can consult with us both virtually (via Zoom) and in person. You decide which form of advice suits your lifestyle best. Just contact us and we will find the most convenient solution for you.

We are looking forward to your contact request!