What is that?

Every week, we publish an article on the independent journalistic platform Substack, which focuses on the impact of bacteria on our lives and how we can use them to improve not only health, but also the quality of life.


They are written directly by Dr. Jiri Snaidr under the author name Magnospira. With the help of bacteria, a balanced diet and a good pinch of mindfulness, your health, your well-being and your satisfaction can be significantly increased. He always makes the link between microbiology and health, so that you can also draw something practical from this information for your life and for your everyday life. Personal anecdotes and his opinion are also included.


The contributions deal mainly with the following topics:

How do microorganisms influence our everyday life?

What are myths about microorganisms and what are facts?

How can we use microorganisms to improve our health and well-being?

What are the latest findings about microorganisms and what do they mean for our everyday life?

How can I improve the interaction with my microorganisms?

How can I avoid the harmful influence of some microorganisms and thus avoid diseases?